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Which meal plan should I start with?

Just got my bullet today....YAY!  Thought I would start with the Stage 1,2,3 from the nutrition book.  Then I got into NutriLiving website and saw the cleanse recipe's afer having bought groceries for the Stage 1,2,3.  I'm 48, my husband is 54, and our son is about to turn 18.  Of course my husband and I have so many health issues, and our son just needs to balance out his diet.  I'm confused as to where to start.  We don't have much money, so it's not like I can just run back to the store and get different groceries.   HELP!  Also, I have seen numerous references in the nutrition book to "veganaise", can't find the recipe in the book, or on the website.

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4 years ago

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The 6 Week Transformation Plan is different from the cleanse plans on NutriLiving. It is up to you on which one you want to do - obviously the 6 week plan is a lot longer than the cleanses. You can follow it to a T or feel free to make adjustments as needed. Since you already bought those ingredients I'd stick to that plan. If you don't feel like following a plan, then do as most do and just incorporate one NutriBlast into your day and go from there. We have tons of recipes right here for you to try! Veganaise is a brand of eggless (vegan) mayonnaise that you can find in some health food stores. Let me know if you have any more specific questions.

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