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Can you suggest recipes for type 2 diabetes and kidney stones?

I'm looking for recipes that will aid in someone who is type 2 diabetic and has uric acid kidney stones.    The diabetes seems to be already coming down with diet and exercise  Looks like Lemon Juice and Limes are good for helping prevent kidney stones. Can you recommend some recipes?   Calories are not an issue as I'm trying to find more calories to maintain wait as I'm losing weight by a low purine diet (kidney stones) and diabetic type diet. 

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5 years ago

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Check out these low carb recipes: I would suggest swapping out spinach in any of the recipes for a different green like mixed spring greens, romaine lettuce, bok choy or kale.

5 years ago

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My mother is a type 2 diabetic. Recently, she was admitted into the hospital for blood and kidney. What recipe would you recommend? Thanks, Julia
Julia, we cannot give any medical advice. Without knowing specifically what is going on with your mother I even hesitate to give general nutritional recommendations. Please discuss specifics w/ her Dr.

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