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Can I blast wheatgrass blades?

I'd appreciate advice on whether we can blast wheat grass (blades) in our Nutri-Blast recipes. Will the efficacy be the same as juicing the wheat grass? Is it correct that the pulp cannot be digested, or is it actually beneficial, or is the pulp issue unimportant? How much wheat grass that is blasted is estimated to be the equivalent of an ounce of its juice?

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5 years ago

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Nice! Wheatgrass is extremely nutritious so it is a great addition to your Blasts. Thanks for sharing the helpful tips!

5 years ago

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I just bought several fresh bags of freshly cut wheatgrass and stored in the freezer. I have tried blasting whole wheatgrass and end up with a stringy texture. It does not make for a nice smoothie! I now just blast the wheatgrass on it's own in one of the small cups with a little bit of water and poor the juice through a strainer into the big cup with all my other ingredients. I heard that our body can't digest wheatgrass fibre anyway so it's best to leave it out. I usually have 2 green smoothies a day with wheatgrass juice.
Hello Tfreem:
Thanks for sharing your experience with trying to blast wheat grass.
I remain interested in how the Dietician will answer my original questions for us.
It is ok to Blast with wheat grass, David Wolfe has a great video here where he uses wheat grass:

Different people have different reactions to wheat grass. Some can tolerate the pulp and others may experience some gas and bloating if they can't break down fiber as well. I would experiment to see which way you can tolerate it best. You can blend it in water and then strain out the pulp or you can throw the wheat grass right into your Blast. 1 oz of wheat grass juice = about 1/2 cup of packed wheat grass.
Thanks very much, Sarah (and tfreem). David Wolfe's video was also very helpful.

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