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Why should I avoid pepper?

I'm a little confused, on the listings of food types to enjoy and food types to avoid, under seasonings it says to avoid black pepper and salt. But then going through the recipe section these are listed ingredients. So my question is should I avoid it or not. If so, on the black and white pepper what is the reason to avoid it?

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5 years ago

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For some, black pepper has been shown to cause gastric discomfort. It has also been questioned as being harmful for prostate health, but more research is necessary. If pepper does not affect you in this way, then feel free to include it in your diet. Vinegar is very acidic and can often cause heartburn or acid reflux. Apple cider vinegar is actually alkalizing and if you choose one that contains the "mother" can provide health benefits. I like Bragg's unpasteurized ACV. Again, these are just recommendations for optimal health and may or may not affect you in the same way as others. Here is an excellent breakdown on different types of vinegars and what to look for if you choose to use them: For salt, if you are salt sensitive with high blood pressure, then this should be minimized or avoided.

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