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Can rashes be a side effect of dietary change?

I have been having daily Nutriblasts for almost a week and a half now with greens and I have noticed a rash forming on my neck. It is not an allergic reaction because I took Benadryl and it didn't fade. I am also now vegetarian on weekdays and include only organic meats on weekends. I was wondering if there is a possible explanation for this? Some of my coworkers said it may be detoxing effects. Would appreciate if anyone with a similar experience would chime in too!

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5 years ago

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This is a common side effect of making a big dietary change. Your body has to adapt to a new way of eating. Since you are introducing a healthier way of eating your body is better able to eliminate toxins, allergens and sometimes this does show up in the form of rashes, itching, increased bowel movements, headaches, nausea and should clear up in a couple days.

5 years ago

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I have had red blotches that showed up on my neck and over my shoulders around November/Thanksgiving. Look like burns. Don't itch unless I sweat or my bra strap irritates the area. They are a little patchy/dry, but they respond well to moisturizer...but the DON'T go away. Ugh.
Great!! Thanks a lot :)
I have been enjoying my blasts for about three weeks now and have developed a rash, mostly on my hands but also a little around my knees. It doesn't itch, but is red, blotchy and the area seems slightly swollen. At first I chalked it up to extremely dry skin (it's been frigidly cold here in Michigan) but extra moisturizing isn't helping. The only food I've been consuming more often than pre-blast is avocado. Could this be an allergy to them?
It sounds like it may be an allergy. I would try eliminating the avocado and see if that helps things clear up. Also make sure you are drinking water throughout the day as this can help flush out toxins!
I'm personally allergic to avocados :( it's awful! :(
I have been doing an am nutri blast. And eating mostly vegaterian for about 2-3 weeks. For the last week and a half I've had hives. I normal lye at tons of veggies anyway but w chicken type meals. And have always ate more home made food. Now all homemade food. I am hoping its just my body detoxing. I have eliminated all dairy and eggs also. Frustrating. But I'm not stopping. I have never been allergic to any foods so it's got to be my body getting rid of all the toxins I've built up by eating so horribly the last year. Jan 2, 2013 I had my thyroid removed due to cancer. Had radio active iodine (RAI)treatment a month later. Every cell in my body has ached for a long time. I strive to eat well and exercise. Even if I just walk. Gained close to 40 lbs int he last yr. Dr. Said he thinks I'm depressed. I jus want to feel good and be healthy. Sleeping better , digestion is better. But as today I am congested, have hives and sum eruptions on my face. Continuing with my nutri bullet in am and some gentle stretching or a walk daily. I do feel my body changing. And I am aware these are common effects of a detox. I will continue to be good to myself.
Congratulations or your detoxing! Stay the course and drink lots of water with lemon juice and a little raw apple cider vinegar. Gentle exercising also helps. It will help speed up the cleansing. keep us informed on how you're doing. Healthy wishes Wally Bishop C.N.C.

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