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Is lycopene found only in cooked tomatoes?

I'm a new NutriBullet Customer and am enthusiasticly starting daily with a Power Shake of my own creation. I prefer fresh raw tomatoes in my NutriBullet shake but am concerned that  LYCOPENE which is the main nutrient in tomatoes is released only when cooked.

I would appreciate a response in this regard. Thanks

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5 years ago

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BFla, thanks for the question, its a good one.

When tomatoes are cooked the structure of the lycopene molecules are changed. In layman's terms the chemical structure of the lycopene is changed so it is easier absorbed through the small intestine. So you end with more available lycopene for the body.

However, there is still plenty of absorbable lycopene in raw tomatoes. Have both raw and cooked.

Healthy wishes, Wally Bishop C.N.C

5 years ago

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There's no reason you can't add cooked veggies to your nutribullet. I always blanche my collard greens -- can't stand them raw & much prefer them cooked. Blanching is easy -- or, if you have a steamer, lightly steaming is good too. good luck!

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