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How can I balance hormones for weight loss?

I'm new to nutribulliet. I started with the hormone balancing blast that includes the goji berrries and olive oil. My ultimate goal is weight loss, and I herd that having balanced hormones can cause weight loss. One good thing so far, is that I crave more fruit and vegetables than I did before nutribulliet. What is the correct amount I should be drinking a day (18 or 24oz) and how long should I do so to achieve balanced hormones?

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5 years ago

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There are no specific quantities for NutriBlasts. This will depend on what your hormones are up to there are several different approaches. Therefore, I cannot provide you with specifics, but more general info and some great resources to look further into: Dr. Sara Gottfried ( Dr. Christiane Northrup ( This has been designed to balance hormones, increase energy, and lose weight (if you need to). Hormone balance is about clearing out the gunk and getting body to work like it should. In the meantime, here's some tips from Dr. Northrup: In addition, there are some herbs and superfoods that are thought to help in this area - do some research to know which might be appropriate for you! These are best used when prescribed by a naturopath or herbalist as while they're all generally regarded as incredibly safe, hormones are complicated little guys.

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