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How can I preserve my ingredients to improve their shelf life?

Some of the fruits and boosts are expensive for me, as are the organics.  Therefore, I need help with knowing how best to preserve my foods so they have a longer shelf life.  I realize I'm asking for an extensive "blast" of info, but anything you can tell me would be appreciated. 

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4 years ago

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Most fruits and veggies can be frozen to help lock in the nutrition and prevent spoilage. Here's a great site with info on how to preserve your produce a bit longer: ALSO!! Here's an article I wrote about top freezer-friendly foods: Sorry, we don't have a comprehensive list like our prep chart...however there's a lot of info out there and it'll never hurt to experiment!
Thanks SO much for your reply and all the good information. I have one more question (for now) specific to ginger root: does it have to be peeled and is it best stored in the fridge? I LOVE my NutriBullet!!!! Can't wait till I really know what I'm doing. lol
It does not have to be peeled as long as you wash it well before adding it to your Blast. We typically refrigerate the ginger after cutting it.

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