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Which Blasts can help with high blood pressure and hypertension?

My husband is developing high blood pressure. His reading are very high at times. I find it strange with his readings, due to that we are vegans, eat very healthy, he exercises 6 days a week, is 6'3 and weighs roughly between 190lbs and 192lbs.  Are there any specific blasts we can try to help lower his readings so he does not have to go on any medications? I look forward to your soon response. With kind regards.

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5 years ago

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Check out these Blasts for blood pressure: You can also try including beets, as those are vasodilators and can help open up blood vessels. Celery, watermelon, parsley, green tea and tomatoes can act as mild diuretics and pull fluid off the body which may help with blood pressure levels.

5 years ago

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Thank you very much Sarah. I appreciate you responding so quickly. I will try these blasts from tomorrow as I need to get a couple items from the store. I am aware of the the celery, and parsley for HBP, but did not think of the watermelon etc. I also know that cucumbers and garlic are excellent as well. Also, quick question... I am assuming he only needs one blast a day from the list you provided? I will incorporate these with what we are presently doing. I hope to see positive results in the near future. Thanks again! K
August 08, 2013
You're welcome. Keep me posted!

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