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What ingredients should I include in a pre-game Blast?

I have four kids very active in sports, what is a good pre-game blast that young kids would benefit from? Or maybe a better question would be what are some of the key ingredients to include in pre-game blast? Has anyone seen a Nutriblast type booth at a sporting tournament event to help kids make better choices on snacks between games. When I see what kids eat at concession stands I want to cry because I know it can't be healthy. Thanks Gary

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5 years ago

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Hi Gary, welcome to the forum.

Kids have very selective taste so I will keep that in mind.

This is a simple one I use for quick energy. This is absorbed very quickly. It can even be used at halftime.

Coconut water
rice bran
raw cocoa
raw honey

A post game blast, drink or food is also vey important to stop the catabolic effects of intense exercise. The catabolic effect is the tearing down of tissues that happens in intense exercise. By stopping the tear down recover begins much quicker.

The blast or drink must be drank within 30 minutes of the exercise to blunt the catabolic effects or it can continue for a long time after. The blast would be the same with the addition of 10 to 20 grams of protein. The protein source should be organic, lactose free whey concentrate (concentrate is best) or rice and hemp protein used together. Avoid soy proteins.

If kids were not so picky I would also add beet juice to the blast.

Healthy wishes
Wally Bishop C.N.C.

5 years ago

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Thanks for the sports blast recipe, I'm familiar with all the ingredients but the rice bran. Do I mix this in one of the smaller bullet cups?
Nope, you can just add a scoop of it directly into your Blast.

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