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What is an alternative for pineapple?

Hi,  Can you suggest another fruit I can alternate for Pineapple.  Totally understand the benefits from including it in my blasts, but I'm finding that frequent use is causing a reaction affecting my tongue.  I am trying to find a fruit I can alternate weekly.  Thanks!

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5 years ago

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Linag that's a great question. Obviously no other fruit has that wonderful pineapple flavor. Papaya would be the closest from an enzyme point of view in that it contains a lot of papain, a proteolytic enzyme like bromelain. Maybe adding some green apple will add the texture and tartness you get from pineapple.

I would love to hear what other ideas you smart people have! More heads mean better ideas.

Healthy wishes
Wally Bishop C.N.C.

5 years ago

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I also have this problem. I have found I don't react to canned/cooked pineapple. I know there is more sugar and less vitamin C in canned pineapple. I do not know if the bromelian levels are affected by the canning process.

I get the itchy mouth reaction. I read on several blogs that if your get a scratchy throat reaction this is a symptom of anaphylactic shock.

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