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What ingredients are best for recovering from pneumonia?

I bought a NutriBullet back in April and have used it every day. The health benefits I have discovered have been truly amazing. (My parents now own one, and so do two of my friends.) I bought one recently for my boyfriend for his birthday. Unfortunately, he got ill before he could use it. He's now in hospital recovering from a severe case of pneumonia. So, once he's back home I shall be making him some blasts to get his health back on track. But, what ingredients would he get maximum health benefit from? I know he'll need to boost his immune system, and work on gaining his strength back, but I wonder if there are any ingredients that he would really benefit from. Thanks for this wonderful website, and for a truly amazing product!

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4 years ago

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Hey there! If he wasHey there! If he was prescribed antibiotics, then it's important that he repopulate his gut with healthy bacteria. A good probiotic supplement can help and consuming fermented foods like kimchi, sauerkraut, miso, etc. Following an anti-inflammatory should also help keep the immune system healthy: Here are some good immunity boosting Blast recipes!

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