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Are the superfoods a good source of protein?

I have been doing smoothies for close to two year but due to the type of blender I was using I was very restricted on the type of smoothies I could have so I ordered the Nutribullet. I need to lose weight and get healthy, just to mention I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis and take synthroid.  I am interested in changing my diet to all vegetarian but I am concerned about getting enough protein.  I have done some research and found many vegetables, seeds, nuts, chia seeds and beans have plenty of protein but my interest is to do mostly drinks like the Nutriblast.  Would either of the superfoods provide enough protein and be a benefit?  Another question; in the book I received with my Nutribullet, page 144 the instructions say not to mix lean proteins with starches, does this apply to plant based protein? 


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5 years ago

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Drinking Blasts are a great way to get in more nutrients and if carefully planned they alone can provide almost all the nutrients you need for the day, however I would suggest consuming a meal or snack to round it out and introduce some cooked foods as well. it's easy to include the carbs, protein, and fat into your NutriBlast. Depending on your body weight and lifestyle, you should shoot for 0.8-1g protein per kg body weight. Some foods that are easy to include in your Blast are those that you mentioned as well as some plant-based protein powders...see my article here for a few brands I recommend:

A couple superfoods with a higher percentage of protein include spirulina and hemp seeds.
Regarding your second combining has not been well researched so these are merely suggestions. Everyone is different. If you do not feel any digestive discomfort when combining protein and starch then this is not something you need to worry about. There is some theory that if combined, they are not as well digested, however I have not seen this to be proven as conclusive. With that being said, I do know that plant protein for most are a bit easier to digest. In addition, when blended together in a Blast, the ingredients are somewhat "pre-digested" making them easier for your body to absorb. Plant-based proteins come along with fiber and usually less fat than animal-based protein, two components that differentiate them and should make them easier for your body to process.

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