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What are the best Blasts for menopause symptoms?

What are the best blasts for weight loss and other symptoms related to menopause? If one had thyroid issues is it best to avoid blasts that contain strawberries, spinach and peanut butter in addition to other giotrogenic foods?  Could using these foods in blasts cause a weight gain?  Is there a special diet plan that you might recommend?  Thank you.

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5 years ago

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The thyroid and weight are directly linked! Check out this post to start with:
And here are some tips for keeping menopause symptoms at bay!
I just listed to a webinar the other day by JILL CARNAHAN, MD, ABFM, ABIHM about The Autoimmune and Gut Connection to Thyroid Disease which presented several interesting links between our gut bacteria and functioning in relation to thyroid and auto-immune thyroid (Hashimoto's). You may want to look into her to see if there's any type of plan to follow!
Thank you for your response! I'm went to the links that you provided and am excited to try some of the ingredients suggested in my Nutra blasts! I am also going to make an effort to go gluten free for at least 10 days to see if it helps with all of my symptoms. Thanks again for your response to my questions and helpful information. I will keep you posted on my progress.

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