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Should I use orange peel?

I wanted to know if I should be using the peels of the oranges or do I cut them off.

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5 years ago

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Is it okay to leave the orange seeds in?
The Inflammation Blast recipe in Stage 1 calls for 1/4 lime with rind, 1/4 lemon with rind and 1/4 grapefruit with rind. Is the rind not the peel? Or does the word "rind" refer to the pith (white substance between the peel and the flesh of the citrus fruit? Just curious as I made this one today and left the peel on the lemon and lime but the grapefruit peel was really thick so I discarded it. Even so, the blast was quite bitter and it was hard to get it down. I now have that bitter citrus peel taste and it's been a couple of hours.
The rind refers to the skin, not the white pith. You are correct in that these are bitter. They contains some healthy volatile oils that are good for you, however I usually remove them or just use a bit of the zest.
I find using just one whole carrot in my nutribullet makes it hard to drink. Very bitty and gets in the throat. When I strained it I was surprised how much was there. Any solution? Should carrots be peeled or cooked?

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