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How do I prepare specifc foods for the NutriBullet?

How to prepare specific foods for the Nutribullet? i.e. What foods need to be peeled, cored, seeds removed, etc., and how should it be cut up before putting in to the machine?

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5 years ago

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here is a great link to the extraction prep chart:
Hi, This question may haveHi, This question may have already come up, but I'm new, and a little confused. I just printed the Extraction Prep Chart, and I noticed that a lot of things are to be peeled or removed, but I thought the nutrients are in the rinds of citrus fruits, such as lemon, limes and oranges (they are even included in the recipes). Am I confused about what a rind is? It is the skin right? Also it said that the stems of grapes hold all of it's nutrients, but you can't use them. Help!! Will someone please explain? Thanks!! :-)
You are correct! The prep chart also takes into consideration taste. The rinds of citrus are very bitter and many have commented that they

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