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What type of coconut water is best?

I have been searching for an answer to my question because I hear there are so many health benefits to drinking Coconut water but no one ever mentions Green Coconuts or the Brown Hairy type looking Coconut (lol), or if there is a brand out there that is all natural I can buy. Can you guys help me to find what I am looking for?

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5 years ago

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The green ones are young coconuts and the brown "hairy" ones are aged :) I've heard, but not positive that the young coconut has a better, healthier fat profile than the older ones and that most of the coconut water comes from the young ones as well.
Some of my favorite brands are C2O, Tasting Nirvana, and Harmless Harvest (this one is a bit more pricey).
Or you can buy the powder and make your own:
But wouldn't the powder be considered "processed"?
Technically, yes, but the powdered version has just been dehydrated, meaning the water has been removed. Nothing additional has been added, but it is always good to double check ingredients.
Thank you very much Krista, can always count on you :) Louie
Harmless Harvest is the one I like it is pricey but that's ok also it is never heated, which I understand is a good thing.
Harmless Harvest is good!
You can also buy the hard "old" coconut and take the coconut meat out and put it in a blender like Vitamix and make your own coconut milk. It will save you $$$
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August 13, 2015

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