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How do I avoid problems with fiber digestion?

I was on a high fiber, protein, omega 3 diet two years ago and lost 30 pounds in five months.  However I was miserable with my body's inability to deal with the fiber.  This is very embarrassing, but I wore a pad at all times because my anus oozed constantly.  It is as if my body could not solidify my waste.  The problem was so bad I had a colonoscopy to rule out anything bad going on there, and I got a clean bill of health.   I grew tired of wearing the pads and eventually quit my diet even though I had not reached my weight loss goal, only 12 pounds away.  Over the past year, I gained the 30 pounds back, and then some.  I started the nutribullet a week ago and while I have gained energy and all around feel better, I am back to the fiber problem I had before.  I had gall bladder surgery years ago, so eating a diet that does not cause 'sudden flushes' of my system is a challenge.  What can I add to my nutriblasts to help this issue?

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5 years ago

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I'm afraid this is something you will need to discuss with your healthcare provider as they know your personal health history. Each person is unique in what our bodies can and cannot handle. In the meantime, maybe lower the amount of fiber in your diet and look into possible foods that you may be intolerable to. Hopefully the Dr. helped you with some dietary recommendations post surgery. Most often with a gallbladder removal, you'll need to reduce consumption of high fat foods - spread out fats more evenly throughout the day and maybe limit to about 3-5g/meal (discuss w/ your Dr. or RD). In addition eating small, frequent meals vs. a few large ones. Also, avoiding dairy (especially the full fat versions like whole milk, ice cream and cheese) could be helpful with digestion and your IBS symptoms.

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