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What can I substitute for nuts and seeds?

I had diverticulitis over the summer. I am now vegetarian and have increased fiber. I have also lost 20 lbs and am feeling really good. Doctor told me to avoid seeds and nuts. Many of the nutribullet recipes include nuts and seeds.  What is a good substitute?thanks!

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5 years ago

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There is new research to saw that nuts and seeds may not need to be avoided with diverticulosis, when their is active inflammation, then I would not use them, but otherwise it seems to be ok. Everyone is different, but if you find that you are ok with blended nuts and seeds, these are healthy, anti-inflammatory foods, so keep using. It is always good to double check with your doctor.

A great substitute for nuts and seeds would be avocado, nutritional yeast or coconut (may have to avoid if you have a nut allergy).

5 years ago

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Same here, but my Drs concern was because they dont digest too well, and with the "BULLET" they are already chewed up so small it should not make a difference. I am going to continue to use them, I will will ask my Dr if he thinks its ok.

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