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Can I use NutriBullet while breastfeeding?

Hello my name is Christina. I just got the Nutribullet and I'm so excited to start. My situation is that I'm breastfeeding and I also would like to start losing baby weight. I also work the night shift at my hospital in a office all night 11pm-7am. I come home at 7 and go to sleep until 12. I would like to use the nutribullet at least 2 times a day and join the family for dinner and than during my night shift drink 3 NB and eat healthy snacks in between. Is that all ok while I'm breastfeeding? Also, is there any NB I should avoid during breastfeeding that might decrease milk supply?

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5 years ago

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Here is a great article from our Baby Bullet Blog:

This website will be a great reference for you!

5 years ago

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