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What nutrients do I need before, during and after pregnancy?

My boyfriend and I have been discussing about having children in a year or two and I wanted to make sure that my body would get the nutrients before during and after this body change. Before: is getting to a healthier weight and so far I am losing about a pound a week so I think not too bad. During: If I recall the most important nutrients during the first trimester is dark leafy greens. Any more advice? After: Helping my body readjust/rebalance after the child has been conceived. Any suggestions? I'm just prepping on information and any would be great. My biggest fear is using baby as a excuses to have unhealthy eating habits (btw baby bullet is super adorable).

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5 years ago

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There is way too much information available to fit it all here are a couple links to get you started!

For some great weight loss tips - see that forum as well as search 'weight loss" for some great articles and low cal recipes :)
I think it's great that you are being so proactive about it. Check out the Brighton Baby book I reference in that first link - it's gigantic, but very thorough and helpful. Keep us posted !!
Thank you! I will definitely look into all of it. Sorry for such a broad spectrum but I always like being prepared or at least knowledgeable in areas. :)
The fish list that was in one of the articles is no longer working ( sorry for the delay in this ). I love seafood and I know I will have to limit.

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