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Can I use tofu and yogurt in my recipes?

I just bought my Nutribullet yesterday.  This morning, I made a juice of carrots, spinach, banana, watermelon, green tea, sesame seeds, and a touch of Tumeric.  I added 3 oz. of non-fat, plain Greek yogurt for protein.  I don't seem to see any recipes using yogurt, so I was wondering if there was a reason NOT to use it in my morning drink.  I would like to use tofu instead of yogurt some days.  Is there a problem with adding either? I'm on Weight Watchers and am losing weight steadily, but I always have a hard time with breakfast and don't always get in all my vegetables/fruits for the day, so that's when I'll be using my Nutribullet.  The rest of the day, I'll be eating "normal" meals within my Weight Watchers points allowance. I might also use the Nutribullet and "juice" a snack if I get hungry between meals as fruits and veggies have 0 or very low WW points and the Nutribullet shake is VERY filling! 

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4 years ago

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Have you seen these recipes with yogurt?

I think it is a great idea to alternate between tofu and greek yogurt for added protein. I would also suggest looking into our protein boost that is sold in the store section of this website. It is a great way to get added protein and a great taste to your Blasts.

4 years ago

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Isn't some fat in yogurt beneficial and considered good fat?

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