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What types of blasts are good for esophageal cancer?

I wanted to know if you can tell me what blast would be good for my husband.  He was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in January he was weighting 160 he now weights 101.  They put a feeding tube in to help him to get nutrition and gain weight.  What blast would be beneficial to him.  Thanks you

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4 years ago

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Hello there! Unfortunately we are not able to give personalized medical advice. Without knowing specifics and his personal health history, we cannot tailor something to meet his specific needs. Please discuss options with his Dr. or if you can find a personal RD who specializes in this area then he will get the tailored advice he needs. For RDs in your area, check out this link:
Also, feel free to post on our Cancer forum. And, check out these two links here on ways to gain weight:
*you will need to see about the proper method of consumption. Some Blasts may not be appropriate through a feeding tube.
Thank you do much, I will check the website and confirm with his doctor. We also read that blackberries are good for that type of cancer. We just bought the nutribullet a few months ago. Thank you so much
Hi how are you I wanted to know if you can tell me what ingredients are in the super foods super red.
Acerola, concord grape, beet, black currant, acai, raspberry, pomegranate, lingonberry, mangosteen, blueberry, inulin.
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I have a mix of kale spinach carrots and chard is that ok?
Hi, how are you? I see some of the recipes use collards. This may seem like a silly question but, are they the leaves you buy in the produce dept uncooked. How exactly do you use them? Thanks for always responding and helping so much.
Yes. You can put them in smoothies raw or cook them like greens.
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