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How do nuts and seeds affect someone with diverticulosis?

Are blasted sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds bad for diverticulosis.  I didn't think they were but some people say they are.

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5 years ago

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I know you said to watch out for strawberries, blackberries and cranberries and some seed which I forgot which, But people make a fuss about sunflower and pumpkin seeds and I have two big bags of them.
I am very interested because my diverticulitis has been helped a lot so far and being independent is important to me.I have not tried vegetables yet but have been thinking of putting in a broccoli flowerlet.
There has been research to say that avoiding nuts and seeds will not help decrease symptoms but again every person is different. If you are blasting these foods, they should be broken down small enough that it is not an issue. The best thing to do is keep a food journal with a log of symptoms. This way you can monitor which foods bother you and which foods don't. I always encourage trying new foods, just as long as you are writing it down.
I also suffer with diverticulitis, when I have a flair-up it lands me in the hospital. My Dr. told me the only thing you can do for diverticulitis is to eat a very fiber rich diet. He also said nuts and seeds do not have anything to do with flair-ups, however I believe also that everyone is different, if you think it is the nuts and seeds doing it, then it probably is. That's why the NutriBlasts are perfect for me.
So are you saying due the break down of the seeds ( making it a almost powder form ) it should be ok? Because it the seeds that get lodged in the pocket of the colon that causes the flair up, and if there are no seeds then it should be ok?
I have had the problem with diverticulitis about 45 year's.They said for me not to eat any seed that was rough on the outside but if it was smooth it was ok. But now they say seeds do not play any roll in that problem at all. I have never had a doctor to tell me this but my brother inlaw tell me his got bad after eating popcorn the hulls give him problems........
GI issues can be tricky, certain people respond differently to certain foods. I know there are many people with GI issues that successfully use the NutriBullet to eat raw foods, nuts and seeds. I would suggest keeping a food journal to track what foods you are consuming and see what could potentially be a trigger for you.
I work in a digestive health center and our docs now say the warning to avoid seeds, nuts, etc. is an old wives tale. The aforementioned comments about everyone being different is correct; no need to strictly avoid these foods, but if causes YOU distress (gut discomfort/pain), then don't eat it! It does seem the Nutribullet grinds fiber-rich foods so well it shouldn't cause problems; eating seeds and nuts whole might, though.

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