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How many beets should I use in a blast?

I used beets (a whole beet in my blast) but it was too much.  How much and how often can I use beets in my blasts?

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5 years ago

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Do you boil or roast your beets before blasting them and if so for how long? My bro suggested that I should boil them a bit first and I'd like a 2nd opinion. Thanks!
I'm brand new myself, but a fan of raw foods, I used one whole (3") beet in one of my blasts today and thought it was good, I mixed it with spinach, grapes and raspberries.
cfontana...I'm also new to NB as of this week and used beet in one of my blasts. I steamed mine until pierce-able but still firm. Cooked beets freeze well so, being I only used 1/4 of one (about the size of medium apple) I have the remaining three pieces for future blasts. I really like beets and found the 1/4 piece imparted plenty of color and flavor. HTH.
Raw beets are pretty Earthy tasting, however you can put raw or cooked in the NutriBullet. If using raw, a small 1-2" chunk will lend a nice flavor. For steamed or cooked beets, try up to a golf ball size or maybe a bit more - these are a nice mild flavor!
Can you use pickled beets in the jar???
I used beets this morning which were cut up raw and frozen and they blended very well. Linda
do them raw better for you
I tryed a whole raw Golfball size in a cold extract with many other ingredients. Beet came out skined, but still golfball size and hard? used the greens from it ok, How can I prepare without boiling? Caned OK?
Peel beet, cut in pieces, wash greens and add them, 1/2 apple, 2 tbsp. soaked almonds with some of their water, 2 tbsp. fermented papaya (you can use apple cider vinegar instead since most people don't ferment fruits and veggies); grapes, blueberries, 1 'cutie' orange, with it's skin. blended 2x. Heaven.

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