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Where do I start?

I am a little mind boggled by all of this info. I am 52, high blood pressure, 50lbs over weight with little energy. I just spent over  $250 on bullet 900 and ingreds to include macca powder, chia seeds cacao powder. Where do I start. weight first? blood pressure first. I meal does it all? HELP

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4 years ago

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Don't let it overwhelm've made the most important step already! The great thing is that just by incorporating one NutriBlast a day, several people have noticed great improvement on their health. There's no specific magic order. Recipes are designed to include foods that research or ancient traditional medicine has found beneficial. However, all plant-based foods fit into an overall healthy diet and can improve heart health and help reduce weight when combined with an overall healthy diet (and used as a meal replacement, not an additional snack of course!). So, my advice to you is to start simple. Make one NutriBlast in place of your "problem meal". Make a Blast no more than 400 calories and include some healthy protein and fats from walnuts, hemp seeds, chia seeds, avocado, or other favorite nut or seed. You can start by using our 6 Week Transformation Plan that came with the NutriBullet. Or you can start by going to our recipe page and searching by condition or your favorite ingredient!

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