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What are some simple recipes that are safe for ulcerative colitis?

I have ulcerative colitis and in mid march just got out of the hospital after 23 days as I battled a flare of the disease.  We just bought the nutribullet and I'm looking for tips to safely use it without hurting my gut.  I have had this illness since 2000 and have for the most part cut it all vegetables and fruits from my diet over this time.  I have been afraid of fiber with my illness.

Before this hospital stay I was in remission for three years and added a few things Into my diet (which is heavily based on carbs) that is healthy. Those things include bananas, peeled apples, grape tomatoes, seedless cucumbers and canned pineapple, squash and potatoes.

As you can see...I lack greens and am afraid of fiber.

I am told I have way too much sugar in my diet..based on all the candy and cookies I eat.

Can you recommend a simple recipe for me to get started that will be safe for me?  Please note, I am always afraid of adding too much at once...because if I get sick...I can't tell what caused it.  Also, sometimes one trigger can make me sick for days or even weeks.

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5 years ago

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Brweis please keep your doctor informed before making any changes to your diet. I would seek the help of a qualified nutritionist or dietitian in your area for guidance.

Having worked with clients with this issue many times I can tell you to progress very slowly with indigestible fiber foods. Soluble fiber is your friend because it coats the digestive tract with a jelly like substance that can help sooth it.

For using the NutriBullet use the small cup and start with green apples without the peeling, chia seeds, slightly green bananas, cucumber, aloe and coconut water. Stay away from refined and processed foods they irritate the digestive system.

It takes time to get it under control and you can with the right directions. Your local nutritionist or dietitian can help you better.

health wishes Wally Bishop C.N.C.

5 years ago

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Thank you for your help. My nutrionist has suggested that I actually start with vegetables if possible because my sugar in take is so high...and I have almost no vegetables in my diet. Can you reccomend a drink that has more vegetables in it? It was also suggested to me that I consider cooking the vegetables help break down the fiber. What are your thoughts here? Many thanks!
Here's a tasty one with just a few ingredients (you may wish to use a lighter leafy green such as spinach or Romaine lettuce). Also, cut the recipe in half and use the small cup to see how your body can handle these first.

And more veggie based ones are here:

The ginger in this one may help sooth your tummy!
I'd suggest sticking to berries for your fruit as these are lower on the glycemic index and don't spike blood sugar as much as others.

Also, Wally had mentioned soluble fiber - oats are a great source of this as well if you want to add in some cooked or soaked old-fashioned rolled oats.

Cooking will help make digestion easier so it's definitely something worth trying.

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