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Can dietary changes lead to nausea and vomiting?

Been doing NutriBlasts for breakfast for almost a month.  Naturopath did blood testing on me 4 months ago and I have eliminated allergens of wheat, dairy and eggs; plus have been on anti-inflammation diet that same time period.  Been feeling good, losing a few pounds, no major changes (wasn't having gut or other health issues prior, just blood test results).  However, twice in the past week I have gotten extremely nauseated and vomited mid-morning after my NutriBlast, and feel weak, shaky, sick all day, as if I was poisoned.  Both NutriBlasts were the basic spinach, fruit, chia or hemp seed combos; one had raw cranberries, one had a few slices of cucumbers.  So I'm going back to oatmeal for breakfast for awhile, and going to ask naturopath about taking probiotics; could I have "messed up" my gut bacteria with all the healthy but drastic dietary changes in the past few months? 

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5 years ago

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Adding fruits and veggies should not affect your gut flora in any way - if anything it would have helped fuel healthy bacteria (prebiotic foods). It's important you are adding in foods that supply the nutrients from the foods you are now avoiding.

While I am not quite sure what the issue may be, a couple thoughts that come to mind include: maybe you consumed too much at once...often when starting it's best to begin with a small portion (the small cup) and then work your way up. In addition, chia cause a get-like thick consistency which may have filled you up too much. Are you using organic produce - sometimes pesticides or residue on conventional produce causes allergic reactions in some. Is there an ingredient you are intolerant to or could there have been any type of food-borne bacteria on any of the produce you used?

I'm sorry to hear this and hope that your naturopath can help you determine the cause so you can Blast without hesitancy and reap the benefits. Keep me posted.
Krista, thanks for the quick reply and thoughtful suggestions. I have an appointment with naturopath next week and will discuss. Curiously, when I researched this on-line, I did see some references (blending vs juicing articles) stating that drinking these blended fruits/veggies, instead of chewing them, does not produce the enzymes required for digestion of the pulp. (And I really liked the idea of a NutriBullet so I could get the fiber and pulp.) One guy, Dr. Brian Clement (note, he has somewhat controversial perspective in some areas of health) says that without these enzymes to break down the carbohydrates, your blended veggies begin to ferment in your intestinal tract. He states that if the food you eat is not digesting properly, not only can painful gas, heart burn, acid reflux, and other stomach problems arise, but your body ends up being deprived of nutrients. Interesting thought. Probably really depends on each individual, their eating habits, their gut, their body, etc?
Let's see if I can help you out here! First off, enzymes are activated by the presence of nutrients (ex: amylase for carbs, proteases for proteins, and lipases for fats)...a NutriBlast still contains these components so enzymes will still be present and ready to work. Some enzymes require other triggers - for example pepsinogen found in the stomach is activated into its active form pepsin to digest proteins by stomach acid so if your HCL levels are low, then this enzyme may not be functioning at its peak...this has nothing to do with the form of food though. Salivary amylase is activated in the mouth so if you'd like you can swish around the Blast or
Perhaps adding a little organic ginger to your blasting! Ginger is a natural way to deal with the nausea. It will help aid in the digestion
I found chia seeds made me sick to my stomach to the point of severe nausea. No chia, no problem for me.
Hello Krista, thank you so much for your guidance as I start my wonderful journey. I have a few more questions and think I will be able to start my Blast on Monday. I am so excited. Here are my questions: 1. I don't know why I didn't mention this sooner! I am a kidney donor (gave my husband a kidney a year and a few days ago, August 30, 2013) and would like to know if the 5-day cleanse you suggested I start with will be okay with my one kidney? 2. I mentioned early on that I have acid reflux and some of the foods they say not to consume are acidic, i.e. oranges, lemon, tomatoes, etc. Will it be okay to use these in the Blast? 3. I am not interested in loosing weight. I am small frame and have always been small. I use to stay around 132-135 before the kidney surgery but now my highest weight has been about 128. I stay around 125-127. How can I avoid loosing weight???? Thanks again for your support!! Oh, I made a smart move. I went to the 5-day cleanse and took one day at a time and read the comments. It was so informative. I learned so much from my NutriBlasters, i.e. what to expect, how to resolve the concern (you provide great guidance and solutions), alternatives if necessary, etc. I am now truly educated before starting Monday. That is what I needed!! Thank you for such a great platform. I am now truly a part of a great community. I look forward to communicating with other Blasters. Again, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1. This is something you should ask your doctor, without knowing your medical history and the current function of your kidney, it is hard to answer that question. 2. No, I would avoid using acidic food if you have acid reflux, find more alkaline alternatives like lemons, limes, carrots, broccoli, chard, collard greens, apples, apricots, avocados and cherries. Avoid oranges, tomatoes, grapefruit, chocolate and coffee. 3. I would suggest adding a protein powder to your Blast, we have an amazing one you can purchase on this website: Superfood Protein Boost. Also focus on using higher calorie foods in your Blast like nuts, seeds, avocado and coconut. Good luck on Monday, keep us posted!!
Krista, thanks again for your guidance. I am back again to ask about Candida overgrowth. I have been sick for the last two weeks and even had to go to the ER. Many things were ruled out including any heart problems. But I left the ER not knowing what the problem is and what to do. I am following up with my Gastroenterologist because it may be an acid reflux flare up. Krista while reading some more about acid reflux I came across Candida overgrowth. Always feeling sick and tired with many symptoms. As I read, I could identify with many of the different symptoms I have had over the last few years especially this last year. Will the cleanse and Blast help to rid the body of this Candida? What Blast would be specifically great for this problem? Again, thank for you help!! Have a wonder weekend!!!!!!!!!! NOTE: I have been sick and have not started the cleanse yet. I hope that will be soon. Also, my nephrologist gave me the okay to do the NutriBlast. That was great news! Now if I can just feel better to have the strength to make the Blast. That is my prayer!
I'm a bit late to the game here, but, fresh veggies should be washed with a veggie wash or rinsed very thoroughly. It could be that insects, rodents, other animals out in the field have peed on the produce! While the folks that harvest the produce probably do put the veggies and fruits through some kind of cleaning procedure, it might get only a partial cleaning or entirely missed. So clean everything well and at least eliminate the extra animal bacteria from your blasts ;)
Maybe half avocado instead of chia ?

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