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What foods can I substitute for my fruit and nut allergies?

I just bought my Nutribullet and want to get started. However, I am a little nervous because I have some fruit and nut allergies.  Many of the recipes require some of the items I am allergic to. At the moment I can successfully eat with no problem regular peanuts and cashews. As far as fruits, I can eat watermelon, blackberries, blueberries, oranges and sometimes strawberries.  Are there substitutes that can provide the same nutritional benefits? Thanks!

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5 years ago

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Chia seeds, hemp seeds and flax seeds are a great substitute for nuts, you can also use raw oats, avocado (if not allergic) to get a creamy texture. The seeds will also have a similar nutrient profile to nuts. You use sweeter veggies in place of fruits like carrots, beets and peas. You can use stevia for a sweetener and cinnamon or mint to kick up the taste.

5 years ago

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Thank you Sarah! I will try those suggestions.
I just purchased my Nutribullet and am ready to start using. I am allergic to almonds, coconut and flaxseed. Can you recommend what I can use instead of almond milk or coconut water? Some of the recipes I'm interested in use these instead of water. Thanks.
If safe for you, try hemp milk, regular water, pure vegetable juice, rice milk, oat milk, or any of the other dairy-free milks you can find in a health food store like Whole Foods - check in the aisle in the aseptic packaged boxes, not in the refrigerated section.
Hi, I have a daughter with aHi, I have a daughter with a peanut and tree but allergy. I'd like to do either the basic or super cleanse. What can I replace all nut ingredients with, and all almond milk ingredients with? She'll often enjoy a smoothie, so I don't like to ever place any nut products in the NB, even if she is not consuming the particular drink I am blasting up. Can't wait to get started! :)
For the nuts, you can replace them with any type of seed (pumpkin, sesame, sunflower, hemp, chia, etc.) For almond milk, try any of the other non-dairy alternatives like coconut milk (if coconuts are ok - not the full fat kind, the beverage that you find next to the almond milk in the refrigerator section), hemp milk, coconut water, rice milk (not my favorite), organic soymilk, oat milk. we are starting a 3-day cleanse on the 6th of January if you'd like to hold out and do that one :) More info will be posted in the forum Thursday! Happy New Year :)
great, thanks for the suggestions, Krista! Are all the almond milk alternatives you suggested all found in the refrigerator section? A few other questions: 1. if I do either the basic or super cleanse, I see there are specific times each blast is to be consumed. Do those times have to be followed precisely -the super cleanse lists 1 specific time, where as the basic cleanse gives a two hour window 2. If I get hungry between blasts, can I eat anything? If so, what's best?
The times are just a suggestion. If you want to snack on something I would choose foods like baby carrots, cucumbers, handful of almonds, any other veggies. Avoid anything processed.
one other question…is flex milk ok to use? I saw it today at the grocery store when I was looking at some of the other suggestions/alternatives you made.
Flax milk is a great alternative. I would also try almond, hemp and coconut milk (silk has a version that is around 40 calories per serving).

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