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What's the difference between Nutriblast and a juice fast?

Hello! Question for someone...I watched Fat,Sick and Nearly Dead last night...a great show BTW and I now am wondering if a nutriblast "smoothie" would be the same as juicing? If it is not the same, would it still have the same outcome? In other words, can I blast through a fast instead of juicing? Thanks for any and all help! Diana G.

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6 years ago

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Dianag, I am not sure if this article answers your questions or not but I would caution against living only on a juice diet.

You can't get enough protein with out supplementing it and it would be very hard to get enough calories for adequate health. Juicing for a week to 10 day can be done. I know several people that have done it. Just understand a good portion of the weight loss will be muscle mass along with fat and water loss.

Healthy wishes, Wally Bishop C.N.C.

6 years ago

Yup - the loss of muscle is not good. Thanks for clearing that up Wally! :)

6 years ago

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I am not sure if I totally agree with that movie. I can't imagine dealing with the hunger pangs while only drinking juice. Bleh!!
Well now, lets be clear...I have no plans on doing a 60 day fast. ;0) But I would like to see if I can reboot my system...maybe try 3 or (ha ha) 10 day fast.
Wally, your blog was very informative, thank you for sharing. I am not interested in living on juice...I am interested in trying a 10 day fast to see if I can "reboot" my system.

We have and have used regularly (at least once a day) the Nutribullet for 5 months now. We feel better, my husband has lost 35 lbs, Myself about 13 lbs. This is very disappointing to me as I am the one who exercises, dropped sugar and most dairy etc. Something is not kicking in and after watching the documentary- I want to try it to see if it helps.

It seems there are a lot of methods of fasting...even a regular intermittent IF 5:2 fasting diet that claims this will reboot you metabolism. The main questions I need answered is- Will the blended juice from the nutribullet work the same as juicing? Will the fiber interfere with the concept? Do I need to buy a juicer?

Thanks again for your help!
Dianag, I do not think you need a juicer. The NB is the best device. If you do the 10 day juice fast you would use it just like a juicer in this case and only blast veggies and fruits over the the ten days.

I personally recommend a 16 hour Intermittent fast with only water, then 36 hours of blasting with only veggies and fruits (no potatoes, nuts or seeds). During the 36 hours I would do moderate intensity exercise for 30 minutes 2x per day. have as many blast as you want or need.

The lack of calories and the exercise at the same time should help reboot your metabolism. You can do this every month if you needed to. I hope this helps. Always consult with your doctor before beginning a fast or changing your diet and lifestyle. Healthy Wishes, Wally Bishop C.N.C.
Wally, Thank you! I think I will give your method a try. Dianag
The NutriBullet is not a juicer so the reasons for using it to make NutriBlasts are slightly different, but not entirely different than if someone was doing a juice "cleanse". The NutriBullet retains the fiber, but it also pulverizes it into the tiniest particles so that your digestive system doesn't have to work to break it down. Some might say it is "predigested". There is research to show that these particles are more easily absorbed than if chewing or using a regular blender.

A bonus of including the fiber is that it blunts the effects that the sugars have on your blood sugar levels. Pure juice will raise blood sugar faster and higher than a NutriBlast. Fiber is also necessary for cleansing the helps bind toxins and move them through to elimination. There is a small amount of fiber in juice, but not nearly enough to subsist on for a long duration.

Now I am not saying juicing is bad, however there is a time and a place for both it and the NutriBullet. One should not compare the two as they are different products and used for different purposes.

Some people claim that the lack of fiber in juices allows the gut to "rest", but I have yet to see science prove that this actually happens. The main point is that you are consuming several cleansing foods and nourishing your body with alkalizing foods high in antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients! By doing this, you are assisting your body's natural detoxification pathways :)

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