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How can I avoid an IBS or thyroid flare up?

I have Hashimotos thyroid, primarily hypo.  I have IBS and am being looked at for UC or Crohns.  I asked my doctor about this and all she said was people with IBS sometimes don't do too good with raw veggies etc. So I am reading conflicting info on food.  Banana, it says it stay away from, but not on here.  Spinach, same thing.  I bought all the ingredients for a toxin clean start, kale, spinach and spring greens.  I sure don't what my Hashi's to flare up.  

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5 years ago

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It is always best to follow your Dr.'s advice as he/she knows your complete health history. For low thyroid, I would suggest cooking most of your greens but you can use lower goitrogen greens like celery, beetroot, beetroot leaves, romaine lettuce, zucchini, cucumber, lemon, oranges and melon, to name a few.

Here is an informative infographic:

Here are some articles from the NL website with more info:

For IBS, a lower fiber diet is suggested during a flare up (depending on the main cause), however a higher fiber diet has been shown to reduce the inflammation or instances of flare-ups.

Again, please discuss specifics with your Dr. or your personal Dietitian as each person is unique.

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