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Should I mix carbs and protein in the same meal?

I read in the NB Book that eating carbs and protein in the same meal causes the enzymes that digest each to cancel one another out leading to slow digestion, gas, sluggishness... Is this true? If it is:  Do the meal plans take this into account? How long after eating carbs should you wait to eat Protein an vice versa.  Do all roots i.e. carrots, onions, beets, count as high carbs? Are bulbs different than regular roots? Is there a place where all this information is located?

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5 years ago

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Sometimes certain food-combing can be bad because of the competing enzymes and digestive energy that is spent on various food components (in whole form). When the NutriBullet pulverizes foods, it’s reverting food to it’s pre-digested state, reducing the load on the GI system and making them more easily absorbable. By consuming fruits, veggies and boosts in this manner, many find it less taxing on their digestion as compared to ingesting food in its whole food. No, not all root veggies are high car. The highest carb veggies are peas, corn and potatoes. Beets do have a higher amount of carbs as well. I would suggest exploring this website, type in your interests in the search bar and see what you find. There are a lot of great forums, articles and recipes that can you design a Blast recipe and routine that is best for you.

5 years ago

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