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Is raw cacao a trigger for rosacea?

I have rosacea and I have been using the Nutribullet since September 2012.  I think I pinpointed my issues and it happens to be dairy.  But my question is, does raw cacao affect Rosacea sufferers because of the chocolate that is a big time rosacea trigger?  Also, I have purchased the Nutribullet Superfoods (4 in 1 packet) to put in my daily nutriblasts.  Will the cacao in that packet affect my rosacea?  Is the powder in there a RAW CACAO? Thank you for your help!  I appreciate it.

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6 years ago

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The powder in the Superfood Superboost is raw cacao. I am not familiar with the exact compound or mechanism of chocolate that may be the cause of rosacea, but I do know that raw cacao does not contain sugar or dairy like a chocolate bar which may be the issue. Each person reacts differently and only you can determine if this will be ok for your condition. I'm sorry I cannot provide a more definite answer.

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