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Should I peel avocados?

I am new to you peel the avocado?  Thanks

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5 years ago

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Glancing through the prep chart and I noticed a few prep items that I have questions about. Some of the skins/leaves/peel provide extra nutrition and fiber (or at least reduce prep time), but you recommend removal.

The ones that jumped out to me were the kiwi, strawberry, orange, and even banana. Of course, it'd recommend buying organic if you were to eat the orange/banana peel. Kiwi/strawberry in particular I've been eating with the skin/leaves. Any reason you suggest not to?
Mainly those suggestions are just do to texture and pesticide residue. By all means if you want to keep on the skins, feel free to. The strawberry caps, yes, the green tops are fine to leave on - these are just usually dead and provide not much nutritional benefit compared to the fresh leafy greens you already have in your Blast.

Banana peels are fine if organic (most people are just not comfortable including the peel), and then for the oranges and other citrus, this is just b/c it usually overpowers the flavor of the Blast and makes it too bitter for most of us. Again, feel free to adjust to your liking!

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