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What Nutriblasts are best for irregular periods?

I have my daughter (17 years old)  and she is very irregurar in her period   I would like to know what nutriblas is good for her.

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4 years ago

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I would highly encourage you to take her to a doctor or an endocrinologist to assess hormone levels as there could be a larger underlying issue. Including fresh fruits and veggies can help stabilize blood sugar and certain hormones. Here is a good article for balancing hormones for women, but again I would check with your daughters doctor:

4 years ago

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I have a daughter that has been diagnosed with a pituitary tumor do you have any suggestions on what I should blast for her. We just purchased a nutribullet to help.
Typically increasing fruits and veggies, high antioxidant foods, can help clear harmful cells out of the body. Our SuperReds formula is packed full of antioxidants and may be a great addition to your daily Blast. Using lots of dark leafy greens, spirulina, lemons, limes, fermented veggies, are all alkaline forming foods and can help decrease acidity throughout the body. Here is some additional information on how to structure a healthy diet, promoting pituitary health:
Is there a recipe to combat adrenal fatigue? Thanks
Here are some you may like!

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