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How can I lower iron levels in my blood?

Today they told me I have too much iron in my blood ... Anything I can do to get rid of it?

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6 years ago

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First and foremost always follow the advice of your Dr. He or she may have suggested routine phlebotomy (blood draws) if the diagnosis was hemochromatosis, the most common form of iron overload disease. In regards to dietary changes, here are a few I'd suggest discussing with your Dr.

1) Reduce consumption of meats (heme iron) and choose plant-based foods (non-heme iron) that are not as absorbable in the body (

2) Do not cook with iron pans/pots

3) Do not eat processed foods (things like cereal, white breads, crackers, etc.) that are "fortified" with iron

4) Test your drinking water to make sure there is no iron - maybe invest in a reverse osmosis filter

5) Do not take a multi vitamin or any supplement including iron.

6) Consider using iron "chelators" (phytic acid or IP6) if appropriate

7) Curcumin (the yellow spice found in turmeric), green tea, rosemary, and calcium have been shown to reduce iron absorption when consumed with iron-rich foods.

8) Avoid vitamin C supplements as this vitamin enhances iron absorption. Check back in with your Dr. as often as he/she suggests for a routine serum ferritin test to check your iron levels.

Again, please note that this is not intended to be medical advice. Your Dr. knows you best. Please discuss these suggestions with him/her before doing anything. In Good Health!

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