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Is the liquid I'm using in my Blast preventing weight loss?

So I've been doing two blasts a day with a lunch in between, but I'm not seeing teh weightloss I was hoping for and I'm wondering if it has something to do with the liquid I'm using in my nutriblasts. Here's a breakdown:

Morning and Evening Blast:
- Veggies: 2 cups of chopped Kale and a half a handful of chopped carrots.
- Fruit: 1 handful of frozen tropical fruit blend (mango, orange, banana etc) and a hald ful of blue berries.
- Sweetener: Raw Killer Bee Honey (seriously! They sell it online. It's amazing!)

For the liquid, I started using just regular filtered water, but found that the blasts were really bitter and hard to drink. So I started filling up the cup with half fruit juice and half water. I swtich out the fruit juices every day (One day it's orange, another strawberry/banana, another mango, and another Pomegranit) for variety, but I'm wondering if the added sugar is slowing down my weightloss. Does it make more sense to switch to cocnut water or something like that? What does everyone think?

For added context, here's the plan I'm on. 6 days a week, one "cheat day".

AM: the above nutriblast, 2 hard boiled eggs, and two Cod Liver oil gel caps
AM Snack: A piece of Peperjack cheese
Lunch: 6 oz of shredded chicked in a wrap. The chicken will be flavored depending ont he day with Pesto, BBQ Sause, Wing sause, or lite mayo) and 2 cups of veggies (usually carrots and peas)
PM: Above nutriblast and two Cod Liver oil gel caps
PM Snack: Handful of almonds or peanuts.\

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6 years ago

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Unfortunately we can't put the blame on just one thing - it's best to take a look at the overall diet. It takes some experimenting to see what our body responds best to.

I'd suggest using your diet log, see how many calories you're consuming each day and compare that to the amount you require in a day. You can find these calculators online. Here's an example

There are also some foods that promote inflammatory responses in some people that may hinder weight loss. In addition, not eating enough can cause a sluggish metabolism.

I don't see any red flags with what you posted above - I would omit the juices if you're buying them pre-prepared as those are often mostly sugar. The pesto can be loaded with oil and BBQ and wing sauce usually contain added sugar too.

Head over to our Weight Loss Forum for some great posts from Wally Bishop who has been in your shoes and can help with some personal tips and tricks that he used. If you're still curious, post another Q there and we'll be happy to help you along your journey :)

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