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Are there beneficial ingredients for people with gallstones?

Are there ingredients that are beneficial to those that have gallstones?

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5 years ago

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First of all, rapid weight loss increases the risk of gallstone formation, so if trying to lose weight (healthy weight is another good thing that helps prevent gallstones), then do it gradually. I suggest limiting the amount of saturated fats and cholesterol-heavy foods you eat which may help ease any symptoms. Most of the ingredients you'll put in a NutriBlast are gallbladder-friendly anyway! In addition, apple cider vinegar mixed with pure apple juice (not the kind w/ added sweeteners in the store) may help relieve pain - apple juice aids in softening gallstones. A few things I'd recommend to assist with gallbladder health are...peppermint oil (known to help cleanse the gallbladder), turmeric (to reduce any inflammation), ginger and fennel. However, a nutrient-dense plant-based, lower "bad" fats diet filled with whole, unprocessed foods is a great insurance policy for all bodily systems :) For gallbladder health try eating as much as 7 cups of vegetables daily - half greens and half brightly colored. Some great choices include greens (which help make bile thinner allowing it to flow more easily and lowers the risk of gallstones). Veggies that are particularly good at enhancing bile production include radishes, beets, beet tops, kale, broccoli, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts. Gallstones often develop from a deficiency of bile. Stress and high cortisol deplete bile, high estrogen levels, low stomach acid, and processed foods hinder bile production and can lead to gallstones.

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