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Which recipes can help with nerve pain or damage?

I had foot surgery and developed Reflex Sympathetice Dystrophy.  Is there any certain recipe or ingredients I can use to reduce nerve pain and facilitate nerve healing?  Thank you for any help you can give.

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5 years ago

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Paula, I have dealt with repairing nerves and the myelin sheath and I can tell you first hand that B Vitamns (B12, Folate and B1), Vitamin E, Omega 3's Borage oil (a great source of ALA) and Phophylidialcholine (found in Lecithin) are very important to help repair and rebuild nerves.

I hope this helps.

Healthy wishes

Wally Bishop C.N.C.

5 years ago

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Thank you! I am already doing all of the above except Borage oil and Phophylidialcholine, am taking an ALA supplement pill though. Would a complete b-complex contain the Phophylidialcholine? Just found a great source for Omega-3's. Barlean now makes a fish oil swirl that is yummy and easy to take. Started it this week, couldn't swallow the huge pills. Will work on upping my Vitamin E also, although I get alot from my diet. What dosages of these do you recommend. Thank you so much for your help!

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