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Should I stick with one Blast recipe or mix it up?

I have been using my Nutribullet a week or so now and feel good effects from it plus a few pounds lost. My question is should I stick with one blast recipe or mix it up. Honestly I don't think I have made the same thing twice. I use the basic ingredients suggested but have been mixing it up and trying different things every day. I am doing one in the morning and one mid afternoon  and skipping the big lunch I used to have. and maybe making a coconut lemon Mint drink late afternoon. Just curious about this. Thanks

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5 years ago

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by adding water to nutriblast doesnt that dilute nutrients of contents? also can i use pomegranites? have been using nutribullet since 3/18/14 & have not seen energy levels rise,although sleeping better.can you answer my concerns.thank you
The liquid component is an opportunity to add in more nutrition or hydration and is necessary for the unit to work properly. The benefits are not
I always suggest mixing up your recipes so you get the benefits of multiple nutrients from multiple foods. However, if you have a favorite, then obviously you might want to make that a little more often :)

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