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How can I fit all of the ingredients into the cup?

I just started using my NutriBullet and a few things have come up. 1) I am allergic to strawberries and would like to know what the cross over is in nutrition so I can make the smoothies that have them in them. 2) Today I made the "Toxin-Berry Blast, it calls for 1 each of the following, 1-2 handful spinach, 1 pear,1 banana, 1 apple, 1 cup pineapple and water, I threw in a few walnuts. I'm using the tall cup and all of these ingredents don't fit, So I cut it all up and made 2 talls. I'm staying at the max line, so I don't know how this all supposed to work or fit with these measurements. any help would be appreciated. Kind Regards, Brenda

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5 years ago

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Great questions! 1. You can use other berries like blueberries, raspberries and blackberries if you are not allergic to those fruits as a good replacement for strawberries. 2. The recipes are a basic outline for how to construct a Blast, since fruit size can vary as long as you are getting a little of each ingredient, you don't have to worry about packing all the ingredients into your cup.

5 years ago

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I just got my nutribullet yesterday and I have had the same issue. My other question is how much should I drink in one serving? I filled up one of the short cups and it seems like a lot in one sitting ( but that could have been because it was not at cold as I would have liked)
A serving depends on when you are drinking your NutriBlast. I would suggest that if you are using your tall cup, you use that as a meal replacement and the short cup would be used as a snack. This is depends on your preference. It is hard to say what is an exact serving of a NutriBlast. It can vary depending on what you put into it. If you want more exact portion measurements please visit this website to understand how many servings are in each food category.

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