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What should I consume to keep blood sugar levels low?


I am new to this forum. I have been using the Nutribullet for 2 weeks. I find it makes me feel more energetic and has potentially helped with a severe insomnia issue. I have hyper tension and am now deaing with a Diabetes issue..  Currently my blood glucose levels are extremely high. I will see a doctor regarding the Diabetes this week. In the mean time I would like to have the best information regarding what fruits/veggies are the best to consume and what to avoid.

Thank You
R Morris

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5 years ago

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Great question and congrats on the changes you have already made. Choosing low glycemic fruits like cherries, berries, pears, apples, figs, apricots, grapefruit and peaches, will help keep your blood sugar levels lower. The best way to build a blast to address this issue is fill your tall cup with half vegetables, 1/4 low glycemic fruits, superfoods like ginger, turmeric, hemp seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds and fill to max line with unsweetened almond milk or regular water. You may want to add a handful of almonds to help keep you full and provide your body with healthy fats.

5 years ago

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