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How can I get more energy from my Blasts?

I am new to this forum and my question is directed to the nutritionist or anyone else who might have a clue to what I'm doing wrong. I have Fibromyalgia, diverticulitus & a stricture in about  5" of my sigmoud colon due to adhesions.  Needless to say, I had a poor diet due to so many food restrictions & pain. The NB seemed a great idea as I felt I would finally have a way to get the nutrition I despertely needed.  I have been blasting for about four months now and, although it has helped with inflammation, I have still not gotten the blast of energy I was wishing for.  I am not picky about color & can get just about anything down no matter the taste as long as I use ice and a straw.  I somehow don't feel my body is absorbing the nutrients ? But I don't know why that could be ? I do take some medication, but the only one I can think of that might be causing a problem is the Poly Glycol powder I put in my coffee every morning.  I have to take it to make sure everything moves thru the colon.  Because of my poor diet for the last six plus years, I really expected my cells to just suck up the nutrients and the brain fog to lift; I hope I'm explaining myself well.  I just remember there were times in the past where I ate something that my body must have really needed and I felt every cell just come alive and had great energy.  I suppose  I thought that was what was going to happen with blasting.  Any advice or suggestions would really be appreciated.  Please email me if you can as I'm not sure how to get back to this

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@eski6 and NB community, I too have Fibromyalgia. I purchased my NB a month ago hoping to finally get the nutrition my body needs to fight the inflammation that causes most of my pain and to get enough energy to do things other than stay tethered to my bed. I have seen a little improvement in the amount of pain I experience (as long as the weather is good) but after drinking my morning blast, I feel more tired and sleepy than I would if I did not drink one. I don't understand. Any suggestions on how I can get more of a blast from my NB? (I do an energy recipe and the Chia, Super Food and Super Weight Loss boosts)
Eagerly waiting your response,

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