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Is there a nutritional difference between baby kale and regular kale?

I would like to know if it makes a difference in health benefits using Baby Kale vs. regular?

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4 years ago

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I liked your question so I did some of my own research since I just started adding kale to my diet. Wow, there is a ton of info out there about Kale. About the only thing I read about baby kale vs. mature kale is that the baby kale (in addition to being more tender and more easily consumed and digested) is that it may not have quiet the power kick as more mature kale. Apparently the older and more mature the kale, the higher the nutritional value. Also found lots of warnings about not over doing it with kale. As wonderful as it is for you it is important to eat moderately and use it alternately with other green choices as it can cause several health issues if "over consumed". Like everything else it seems, it is best used in moderation. Let me know if you found out any other interesting kale facts. Always trying to learn more.

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