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How can I prevent weight loss?

When I first tried the NutriBullet, I started with the basic detoxing recipe for the first 3 weeks, then the energy elixir with my regular diet..  I lost 8 pounds!  I am already thin and i didn't need this!  I then continued with other recipes, but not the detox one and I cannot put back on the weight.  I can't fit any of my clothes. Is this is what I can expect if I continue using it?  I cannot afford to lose anymore weight.  Or is this just a product of doing the detox recipe from the first month? 

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5 years ago

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I dropped weight quickly the first week of using it because it really cleaned out my system. I wasn't used to liquid nutrition like that and my body reacted quite well! After that, been pretty steady :) If you went to the washroom a lot then that could explain it possibly... yucky but an effect of the detox!!
Donna, it is possible to drop weight when you replace regular meals with NutriBlasting as these ingredients are often more nutrient-dense, but lower in calories. My suggestion to you for now would be to bulk up your Blast by putting in some higher calorie and higher healthy fat foods. Think nuts, seeds, nut butters, avocado, cold-pressed coconut oil, and even some plant-based protein powder (to prevent further lean muscle loss that might accompany weight loss). Your weight should over time normalize to your "set-weight" once you find the right balance. I also provide a calorically-dense recipe on this link here:
thanks for your response, but if you read my original post, I said I did NOT replace any meals, I added the nutribullet drinks TO my existing diet. So I really didn't get an answer to my two-fold question which is: could it be that the detox recipe causes weight loss and if I continue with any nutribullet recipes in ADDition to my regular diet (not replacing any meals) can I expect continued weight loss because of cleansing effects in general.
Donna it wasn't quite clear in your original post that you are having NutriBlasts in addition to your regular meals. A particular recipe cannot make one lose weight. There has to be some overall reduced caloric intake in order to lose weight. it could be that if you add in a NutriBlast then you are more full and do not eat as much of your other meals or it could be that the introduction to more fiber and fluid has helped clean out your digestive system making you more regular and hence weigh a bit less. If you are adding foods to your diet, this would not be the cause of weight loss - there's something else going on. My suggestion to you would be to make sure you are eating the exact same quantity of your regular diet, then add NutriBlasts with a substantial amount of calories and not the low cal options like the detox recipes. Choose ones with avocado, nuts, seeds, nut butters, oils, and added protein powders. If you continue to see unwanted weight loss, it's time to schedule a check up with your Dr. so he/she can rule out any other possible medical conditions.
Lisa, were you TRYING to lose weight? And did you replace meals or did you do the nutribullet along with your regular diet? these are critical questions that I need to know that are being missed when I ask other people. I need to know so I can decide if I'm going to stop using it altogether. I am super-thin now and was already thin so I was not trying to lose weight, just consume more vegetables & fruit because I cannot chew because I have a condition called TMJ. Now I have TWO problems.

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