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Should I use different combinations of fruits and greens every day?

I am beginning my second week using the NutriBullet and have a question.  Is it best to use different combinations of fruits/greens every day or to stick with one combination?  I am loving being able to get all of the nutrition I know I need in one Nutri Blast!  I find it difficult to eat the amount of food we need on a daily basis, but Blasting makes it much easier!  I've already noticed an improvement in my skin...usually dry and no itch and more moisturized!  Husband notices a weight loss on me!  Better than the scale!   I just really want to do what is best to restore my over all health and energy.  I'm 62, but young at heart and prefer/love to be more active.  Stick with one or two recipes or switch every day?

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5 years ago

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Variety is best. Here is a video on rotating your greens and why it is important: Congrats on all your healthy changes!

5 years ago

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Does anyone have a gazpacho type recipe for the nutrabullit?
Thanks so much! Loving my nutrabullit !
Can you make blasts ahead of time (the night before) without the nutrients being damaged?
Hi Ddeer, Check out #11 onHi Ddeer, Check out #11 on Happy Blasting!
Hi! Is there any recipe for acne treatment? Thanks

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