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Can you use stevia as a sweetener?

Just wondering if anyone has used a little bit of Stevia to sweeten things up?

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6 years ago

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Conklins, Krista's post is right on! Most agave you find in the stores is even worse that high fructose corn syrup. Healthy wishes wally Bishop C.N.C.

6 years ago

I also agree with Wally and Krista. From what I have read it metabolizes in your system the same way HFCS does. NOT GOOD!

6 years ago

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I have heard some people use stevia (powder or liquid form) to sweeten up a bitter Blast. However, I recommend using the natural sweetness of foods such as banana, cinnamon, berries, figs, dates, and raw honey since they also provide other nutrients and benefits!
Haven't yet, but sometimes I do indulge and add a date like Krista said, or some raw organic honey. :)
I haven't yet. Always use fruit to add nice little kicks of sweet here and there.
I use liquid stevia for my NutriBlasts. If I use a decent amount of fruit, I don't need the stevia, but unfortunately, I'm limited to 1 cup of berries a day and no other fruit besides that (and no sugar-containing sweeteners like honey, maple syrup, etc.). So until my health condition changes and I no longer have this restriction, I'm kind of stuck using stevia. It is worth it for me, for my situation at least, as it helps the taste and allows me to do 3-4 Nutriblasts a day.
Tamara Sure, stevia is a goodTamara Sure, stevia is a good sweetener to use. It is my choice when sweetener is needed. I also use raw honey. Healthy wishes, Wally Bishop C.N.C.
I usually find that putting a little fruit in my Blast is sweet enough for me, but a drop or two of stevia can help amp up the flavor. It has no calories and is an all natural product. Don't be afraid to experiment with your Blasts!

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