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Which foods should I avoid when on blood thinners?

I so wish to utilize the NutriBullet and gain health back, but I have one issue, my husband had a small stroke and the doctor put him on Clopidogrel. She did not mention anything about avoiding any foods; just said the medication is a little stronger than aspirin. He told her he takes Omega 3/6 every day and no reaction. Now I am hearing that vegetables high in 'K' are not good and may even interact with this medication, along with Omega. So what to do? I am fearful of harming my husband by beginning a healthy regimen but I am so in need of doing so. Can I incorporate his needs along with mine. From my understanding, K food counteracts the medication as it acts as a natural clotting agent. I know to go ask the doctor, but any suggestions on how to manage his needs along with mine? He hates taking medication but also does not wish to have a stroke. He was getting headaches before the medication and they have ceased. I'm afraid to go shopping and start on this plan.

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5 years ago

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