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How many calories and servings of fruits/vegetables are in my Blast?

Good evening! Love my Nutribullet!  I am eating more fruits and vegetables than ever before!  Wondered how many calories and how many (daily recommended allowance) fruits/vegetables in a 24 oz. mixed greens (including kale), 2 carrots, 1/2 organic medium apple and a handful of walnuts?  What I mean is--does it count as one fruit and one vegetable for the day or how many, please?  I just started about two weeks ago and drink half of the 24 oz. each day.  Love it!  Since I am trying to lose a few pounds, also, would like to know how many calories are in such a drink.  I wouldn't think there are many?
Thank you!

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5 years ago

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The calories really depend on what you are adding. If you are using the Tall cup the calorie range is usually from 200-400 calories per Blast.

If you want to know how many servings of fruits and veggies you are getting you can find portion sizes here:

Depending on what you use in your Blast, your portion sizes will differ.

5 years ago

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