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Are there any recipes for fertility and IVF treatments?

Is there anything you suggest for fertility /IVF treatments, any recipes? also I am on these hormones and I can not seem to lose weight, were trying to get pregnant so I am not sure whats healthy or not

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4 years ago

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Infertility issues stem from a variety of reasons and without knowing the root cause I cannot provide specifics. I will recommend a wonderful book for a resource called Brighton Baby by Roy Dittmann, OMD, MH. If not done so already, I'd suggest getting some blood work done (hormones, any nutrient deficiencies, etc.) and visit a specialist who can perform an ultrasound to see if there's an underlying physical condition. It is also important for your partner to get a check up as well. Eating a healthy diet filled with a variety of plant-based foods in general can help balance hormones and keep you at a healthy weight - all which are helpful for conception! For 7 general getting-pregnant tips, check this out from our friends at Food Matters: Also, check out our great resources for weight loss - articles and recipes galore. You are correct, hormones can impact our metabolism and weight. Infertility can stem from being either overweight or underweight so depending on where your current weight lies might dictate weight loss or not. Please discuss specifics with your fertility Dr. I will say that specific nutrients are required for health and childbearing so it is ill advised to go on a restrictive diet when trying to conceive. And finally, check out the top 5 things to avoid here:
Thank you this is awesome! we have been to dr were in the process of IVF treatment and have a transfer date in september. we have been checked for everything and we are healthy...I am 40 so that could be some of it. I also see women at the gym pregnant and they are so thin , except just there stomach from the baby..I dont understand that, when I am on hormones and feel like I am gaining weight.. I just really want to use this nutribullet to be healthier, I am about 10-15 lbs over a weight I like to be...I just want to make sure I am using the nutribullet correctly and wise.. Thanks so much for your response I love using the machine, now its just finding the right recipes
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